The Art Week Conversations & Tour 2018

Targeted at new and existing audiences, the fourth edition looks at collecting in various art scenes – Cambodia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia.  Every art ecosystem has its particular character and points of growth. It develops according to the actions, insights and directions of its producers and buyers.  The panel discussions are topical, looking at current contemporary art developments and gallery scenes. Our erudite group of collectors, artists, curators and gallerists parley the dynamics and ways-in of successful and authentic collecting.

The Art Week Conversations are insightful, grounded in actual practice, and provide collectors and would-be collectors meaningful ways to navigate the art market.



Considering Collecting:

Cambodia / Singapore / Southeast Asia

The Art Week Conversations 2018: Considering Collecting discusses the art scenes in Cambodia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia with panelists are who are experts in the field – including Tan Boon Hui, Stephanie Fong, Ning Chong, Johnni Wong, Erin Gleeson and Bryan Tan*.

20 Jan Sat 11 am

Considering Collecting: Cambodia – Past Forward

Contemporary Cambodian artists and curators discuss their scene, its struggles and triumphs. In a country where almost an entire generation of artists has been lost, and the art gallery and exhibition system is still nascent, how do artists sustain themselves, or develop to achieve international status? What does the future hold for new artists? The panel includes curator Erin Gleeson.

21 Jan Sun 11 am

Considering Collecting: Southeast Asia – Calling Out the Status Quo

Southeast Asia has held together for centuries through its political, economic and cultural activities, and the visual arts scene. Since the 1970s modern artists have joined in the cross pollination of cultural identities mainly through artists associations. In the 1990s, museums, galleries and auction houses led the region’s art growth. Is Southeast Asia simply an organized exotic mess of separate identities? What are the ties that bind in terms of art languages and production? Join our discussion with Tan Boon Hui, director of the Asia Society Museum, Johnni Wong veteran art journalist amongst others.

27 Jan Sat 11 am

Considering Collecting: Singapore – Starting Young

In the fourth edition of our discussion on Singapore, we consider the art scene from the point of the Next Generation. What does the future hold for young and/or new collectors as the market evolves? What sort of art do they or should they collect? How do they deal with shifting paradigms on art, gallery practices and buying online?  In the shortened timing where choice, art developments and price increases may be exponential, will buying young artists’ works become too risky? Views from gallerist Stephanie Fong, collectors Bryan Tan and Ning Chong.

THE ART WEEK TOUR: Considering Collections

Considering Collections takes us to view (and discuss) the physical collections of corporate art collectors in Singapore. What are the considerations that dominate corporate art acquisition? How do these selections impact the choices of the private collector? Get insights from collectors, curators & artists.

The Art Week Tour 27 January Saturday 2.00-7.00pm

Includes exclusive visits to corporate collections in the CBD. Tea/coffee at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.


Conversations: $12 each talk, $30 all 3 talks

Tour: $75 ($60 early registrations)