The Art Week Conversations

The Art Week Conversations & Tour 2017

The Art Week Conversations offers 3 talks in Considering Art Markets: The Philippines, Southeast Asia and Singapore; and The Art Week Tour – Considering Artists. The talk panelists are experts in the field – including Patricia Chen, Wang Zineng, Isa Lorenzo, Mark Goh, Moira Lang, Rachel Teo, Teo Han Wue and Trickie Lopa.

The Art Week Conversations are insightful, grounded in actual practice, and provide collectors and would-be collectors meaningful ways to navigate the art market.

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TALKS $10 per talk per ticket, $25 for 3 talks per ticket.

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TOUR $60 per ticket till 24 DEC, $75 from 25 Dec

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Contemporary Patriots

12 Jan Thu 7.30pm ION Art

 The character of the Philippines exalts itself through its art scene – charismatic, vibrant and patriotic. The convivial spirit of artists is perceived as they work, often teaming up in artists’ cooperatives and exhibiting and making projects with apparent savoir-faire. With little government support, how is the art scene in Manila shaped? How do critics, curators, gallerists and collectors function as the power-players? Currently, more Filipino artists have become collected internationally, raising the bar at art fairs and auction houses. In all this, where do the artists stand, and how do they work? A lively panel comprising collector Moira Lang, gallerist Isa Lorenzo and art fair founder Trickie Lopa deliver their diagnostics, moderated by Joyce Toh.


Connections and Confluences

16 Jan Mon 7.30pm ION Art

 What exactly is Southeast Asian art? The region is very diverse, comprising many ethnicities, languages and polities. Generally grouped for geographical location, the socio-political and economic group ASEAN has grown out of it. Yet the idea of a Southeast Asian art has been coined by academics, perhaps based on traditional myths of Nusantara, and modern ideals of Nanyang. In the recent twenty years, the art markets of the Southeast Asian nations have converged, partly due to the actions of museum curators, art fairs and galleries. In addition auction houses have played this grouping in an effort to capture the secondary sales markets. In this time of economic stress, is there power in the art market? Are there sufficient power-players to ensure its sustainability? Is Southeast Asian art a phenomenon that will metamorphose into its own entity? Listen to the views of Wang Zineng, Jim Amberson, Jimmy Chua and moderator Patricia Chen.


Collectors at Play

17 Jan Tue 7.30pm ION Art

The art scene in Singapore has often been reported as a series of government-led initiatives, where funding has supported artists, art fairs, museums and a variety of arts venues. Yet artists and their protagonists have fought hard to garner the support that gives artists the much-needed room to create and be noticed. Apart from galleries, some of these effective parties have been private collectors, often backing those significant, less seen artists. This Conversation investigates the case for private support of the arts. How deeply-rooted is private art patronage in Singapore, how is it expressed, and what are the effects? Our expert panellists are Mark Goh, Rachel Teo, Teo Han Wue and Audrey Yeo, moderated by Seah Tzi-Yan.

The Art Week Tour: Considering Artists

Sat 21 Jan, 10am – 5pm

An enjoyable day looking, hearing and talking about art on-site – including specially arranged visits to artists’ studios and collectors’ homes.

This series introduces art processes through various ways of seeing. Starting at the National Museum, we look at the art scene through the eyes of curators, artists and the galleries. Includes exclusive visits to artists’ studios and collector’s homes.

The full-day tour includes on-site discussions, Q+A time, and a chance to hear first-hand from the people behind the scenes. Sessions navigate issues such as: how to appreciate the artist’s creative process; approaches to making artwork choices; people and events that have shaped/affected artists’ works; what are the challenges for artists and their collectors.

Ticket price includes lunch, transfers between tour locations, and afternoon tea. Start: Meet at National Museum Singapore.

Tickets: TOUR $60 per ticket till 24 DEC, $75 from 25 Dec

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Recommended for ages 16 and up. The tour includes some walking. Dietary preferences may be limited but we will do our best to accommodate. Limited to 16 people.

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