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2 series. 7 talks. 16 speakers.

Real-time views of the art market, buying, collecting and artistic production from a Southeast Asian perspective; for both the experienced and novice collector.

The Art Week Conversations offers 7 talks from experts in the field – Talenia Phua Gajardo of online art consultancy The Artling; Sundaram Tagore of his namesake gallery in New York, Hong Kong and here at Gillman Barracks; Bernadette Rankine of Bonhams, Singapore; Ong Boo Chai experienced art professional; collector Kelvin Ang; Stephanie Tham of Gallery Steph; curator and art journalist Nathalie Johnston, gallerists Richard Koh and Frédéric de Senarclens and independent curator Tay Swee Lin.

The Art Week Conversations will be insightful, grounded in actual practice, and provide collectors and would-be collectors meaningful ways to navigate the art market.

All talks free. Register at http://bit.ly/ArtWeekConversations

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Travellers - 17(Cover Painting)

Min Wae Aung, “Travellers 17″, 2013

Min Wae Aung has used the classic motif of the traveller as a starting point got this new series of work. The powerful energy of people grouping together for a common cause, farming and land issues, family concerns, the issues of survival, are packed into the narrative of each painting.

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